Summer learning tips for parents to encourage education

Summer is upon us and as always brings a time of reflection and relaxation for a couple of months before the next school year draws closer. Und

For students and parents alike, it is good practice to take it easy at times, but it is also of equal importance to not let the mind rest too much or steer away from learning. There are many actives parents and students can do that are fun and entertaining and have education value as well.

At Redeemer Classical Academy we’ve gathered a few summer learning tips to help with your child’s education during the summer months.


Backyard Fun

In a recent article from The Classical Difference, there are a few outdoor activities outlined that are ideal for anyone who wants to explore nature.

In your own backyard, you can plant a garden with children to observe the growth and life of plants. There are several plants and vegetables that do not take a great amount of time and effort to plant and raised bed containers are a great way to start.

In addition to gardening, simply getting outside is a great way to explore and learn about nature. Middle Tennessee has a numerous amount of state parks where you can take nature walks, have a picnic or start a nature observation notebook.


Indoor Activities

While nature is a great place to begin this summer, there are also several indoor activities that keep the mind challenged too.

Board games have existed for decades, but they can also add a weekly ritual among families and kids alike. Board games can put you in real life situations where you have to take a chance and risk it all at times. This game list shows a few options for kids as well as games for older kids and adults too.

Reading is always vital to keep the mind in shape, no matter the season. But in the summer months, reading a book or two can take a child many places (especially reading on the back deck or hammock). There may be an item on a summer reading list to pick, or you can take a deep look into certain books of the Bible and engage in study. There is always a myriad of choices when it comes to reading.

These are only a few items to consider as the summer months roll in and pass by quickly. If you have other ideas about how you keep your child engaged in learning throughout the summer, let us know!