Back to school factors for selecting a private school

Word of mouth and earned trust go a long way with most product or service recommendations, but the same is true when selecting a private school. Many parents may choose a private school based upon the experience of a trusted friend, neighbor or others. While their words may speak volumes about a school, there are also other factors to consider when choosing a school.

Understand what is right for you

When choosing a private school, parents must have their requirements and expectations for what they want to see in their child’s education at the top of their mind. Of course, expectations and reality have to match but understanding what is the “right fit” will help eliminate and deduct any items that may be a deal breaker. 

Decision makers

Religious affiliation

Many factors that help finalize a decision revolve around religious vs. non-religious affiliation, school and class sizes along with the type of education. In many areas, religious affiliation is a common theme among private schools. With Redeemer Classical Academy, there is a Christ-centered focus that is consistent among all aspects of the school and curriculum

Small class sizes

Class size is also a large factor when considering a private school. The teacher to student ratio is key in the learning experience and should be a priority as it can produce not only a student that is more engaged, but also more devotion from the educator as well. Redeemer Classical Academy offers small class sizes throughout all grades and exhibits a nurturing community among parents, students and teachers.


Last of all, the type of education is always a big decision maker. Do you want a traditional approach or one that is more progressive? Redeemer’ Classical Academy’s Classical Christian education uses methods and content that develops thinking, articulate and well-rounded graduates.

While there may be decisions makers that are unique to each family’s situation, these three are common among many parents and students. To find out more information that may relate to your specific situation, contact Redeemer Classical Academy to schedule a tour or speak with a member of our school.