2021–2022 Fees and Tuition

Redeemer Classical Academy’s mission is to mentor young people toward virtue as learners, leaders, and agents of redemption for God’s glory. We also believe in being the best possible stewards of time, talents, and treasures in fulfilling this mission. Therefore we offer a low materials fee and competitive tuition.


  • Application Fee $25 per new family
  • K–12 Materials Fee: $300.00


  • Kindergarten: $6,775.00 per annum
  • 1st–8th Grades & New 9th-12th Grade Students Tuition: $9,555.00 per annum
  • Returning 9th–12th Grade Students: No Tuition Increase

Tuition for all Redeemer Classical Academy high school students will be frozen at the rate assessed for a student’s first year of high school. The annual tuition rate for a student’s first year as part of Redeemer’s high school will be that student’s annual tuition until graduation. Redeemer Classical Academy understands that a commitment to classical Christian education is significant – financially, academically, and socially. This commitment is particularly evident as students move into the high school years. Offering a guaranteed tuition for high schoolers is a small but we hope tangible way for us to acknowledge this commitment by our high school families and to express our gratitude for what these older students contribute to the community of Redeemer.

Our desire is that finances alone would never keep a family from pursuing a classical Christian education at Redeemer Classical Academy.  Please contact the school office to speak to an administrator about opportunities to receive financial aid or to contribute to our scholarship fund.

Payment schedule:

Materials fee is due upon with the submission your enrollment packet. For returning families, submission of your materials fee secures your child’s place for the following school year, if received by 15 March each year.

Tuition may be paid in full by 15 August of the current year, by semester on the first day of the second and fourth quarters, monthly (10 payments), or bi-monthly (20 payments). Though we strongly suggest using FACTS (see below) for all payments, annual and semester payments may be submitted to the appropriate Administrating Instructor. All other payment options are only available through FACTS.


A Few Things To Know:

Enrolling in FACTS: Enroll in FACTS by going online. Visit our website at and click on the FACTS icon. You will create your log in credentials, choose your payment plan & payment date and enter your information.

Payment Dates & Plans: You may choose either the 5th or 20th of each month as your scheduled payment date. You may choose to pay in full or schedule your payments through a convenient payment plan.

It only takes a few minutes to enroll. Since the stability of our school and the quality of its programs are of utmost importance, we are always seeking ways to make improvements to benefit everyone. After a thorough review, we have partnered with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program and financial aid assessment. FACTS is used by many schools locally and over 5,000 schools nationally. We are excited to be working with them and are confident this program will offer greater efficiency, audit controls, and financial stability for the school while providing convenience and financial transparency to our families.

One of our primary goals this year at Redeemer Classical Academy is to concentrate our efforts on improving the business side of our school. By taking advantage of the security, reporting and convenience offered by FACTS, we remain committed to this goal.

It only takes a few minutes to enroll.

Convenience & Security: Your payments are processed through a secure electronic funds transfer. Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from a variety of credit cards (if applicable). You can choose to have email reminders sent in advance of your payment due date if preferred.

Peace of Mind Insurance: FACTS offers this optional benefit for only $12 per year per family. In the event of death of the responsible party or spouse, the remaining tuition balance owed for the current school year is paid to the school.

Your consumer portal: You may check your personal online account anytime to view your payment history, next scheduled payment, change between financial accounts, or make a payment on-line.

One of the universal challenges in education is achieving a balance between our educational mission and financial stability. It is precisely for this reason we are enlisting the services of FACTS Management Company. With FACTS, the school continues to maintain decision-making control. As always, we will continue to work with families should special circumstances or “hardship” cases arise during the school year.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support for our school. We depend on your support and appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to remain committed to our mission and the education of your children.