Why should you choose a private school?

The question of public over private school is always a tough one. The financial cost, schedule and school atmosphere are all factors that help mold a decision. Finding the right school is key and most times the pros of a private school outweigh the cons. When it comes down to making the decision of a Murfreesboro private school or a Murfreesboro public school, there are usually four main factors to consider.

Four factors for choosing a private school

Academic experience

The experience a student receives at a private schools is like no other. Within the classical Christian school model, the experience is at another level as the curriculum and method varies from that of a normal private school. Students are placed on a higher standard and teachers are expected to perform with a certain degree of excellence as well.

Academic achievement

Coinciding with the academic experience, the bar is set high for academic achievement. Teachers hold students accountable for their results in the classroom and in most scenarios the student’s achievements shine. Test scores and college admission rates exemplify the notion that private schools place great emphasis on academic achievement.

Values and mission

The values and mission of private schools differ from school to school. But within Murfreesboro private schools, Redeemer Classical Academy’s mission is straightforward – mentor young people toward virtue as learners, leaders, and agents of redemption for God’s glory.


A sense of community is key no matter the type of school. But within private schools, the ties are closer as parents, students and teachers all interact with each other.