A unique home among Murfreesboro private schools

The past school year was an exciting one for Redeemer Classical Academy as we had three students graduate in May. As summer gives way to a short break, we reflect back upon the past year. Ultimately, our school has several goals and we aim to prepare students for life beyond the classroom in all areas. We take pride knowing that our graduates are going on to the next level and we wish them the greatest success.

In many public schools, graduation rates were up this year as compared to previous years. But unlike public schools, Redeemer Classical Academy has an approach among Murfreesboro private schools that doesn’t apply the quick fix to increase the overall graduation rate. We know each child is unique and grasp the idea that each student may learn in a different manner, all the while we are instilling core values at an early age.

In 2014, the average ACT score was 19.6 while Tennessee improved their graduation rate by 2% overall (Source NPR). While tests will always be in play at any academic institution, we know our students are more than a standardized test score. They are part of the Redeemer Classical Academy family and have a role in the education process and are more than a benchmark.

Redeemer Classical Academy will train students to be leaders – men and women who will reclaim our culture for God’s glory as they work with excellence and virtue in every vocation from art to astronomy, engineering to politics or medicine to home-making. Combining a Christian worldview with the trivium method of classical education, Redeemer Classical Academy offers parents and students an option in Murfreesboro private schools like no other.

If you are looking to break the mainstream and a home that is unique but also one that molds a student for all aspects of life, then Redeemer Classical Academy may be an option for you and your family among Murfreesboro private schools.