Understanding your role as a private school parent

Like many Murfreesboro private schools, Redeemer Classical Academy has a culture that is fixed around the parent, student and educator. If you’re new to the private school atmosphere, then as a private school parent you can sometimes wonder about your place within the education process and system.

As a parent, one of the main jobs is to be an advocate for the school. This is one of the main roles and it is advantageous to the school when parents speak highly of their experience and tell other parents and friends. Just like a good product, a brand ambassador for a private school who is loyal to the cause is priceless.

Another way parents can help is simply to get involved. If you enrolled your child in a private school, then it is obvious you care about their education and are more than likely taking the proper steps at home and after the school doors are closed. But other ways to get involved may include fundraisers, trips or school events. With most private schools having a limited staff, parents are usually encouraged to assist in some capacity.

Keeping up with education trends and the learning experience is also key. It’s a good idea to communicate with teachers and understand what your child is learning in class and the overall goal. Chances are you know the basics by looking at homework and helping the student. But it is always good to be concerned and ask questions. The more that you understand the overall goal, the more you can help the child.

Being a private school parent has many tasks, but nothing is out of reach. Once you understand the relationship and your role in the education process, then everything will become more streamlined and beneficial to everyone who is involved in the learning process.