Understanding the difference in Classical Christian education

Understanding Classical Christian education

There are several different reasons many are choosing Classical Christian education these days. Beginning with the goals and mission of a Classical Christian school, there is already a distinct difference that is exemplified in many ways.

Within this model, there is a unique appreciation and understanding of Christ and how His work is relative to all facets of life. The well-rounded and articulate student is one of the end products of this style of education and it’s exemplified each year with more and more graduates across the nation.

According to Association of Classical & Christian Schools, the difference can be measured among many different ways.


In most scenarios, Classical Christian students develop a sense of appreciation for God, arts and many other passions. In addition, the academic success is always at the top of the charts when compared to other schools.

Tradition and History

The roots of Classical Christian education go back many years and are time-tested. Students within this model become life-long learners and seek to make a difference in the world in some capacity.

Real world application

In today’s education landscape, many teach to pass a test without thinking about the real world application of the learning experience. Within the Classical Christian model, students are trained to think articulately. At the same time, arts, music and literature help develop a love of all things.

Hallmarks such as age-specific learning, Christ-centered curriculum and a nurturing community are all traits that contribute to the success off students after graduation.

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