Tips for attending a private school open house

Open houses and school tours are a great way to get a first hand look at the atmosphere and overall feel of a a private school. During the summer, you may be thinking about scheduling a visit in the near future or asking private school parents about the education at a certain school.

At Redeemer Classical Academy, we’ve gathered a few “dos and don’ts” for those interested in a private school education.

One of the first steps is to schedule an appointment. Many schools will hold open houses or events at certain times of the year, but if you are interested then reach out to a staff member for a tour or time to visit. You should arrive on time and business casual attire is usually acceptable in most occasions.  It is not necessary to overdress, but you do want to look professional at the same time. 

It is also good practice to be prepared for questions from the administration, but it also a good idea to form questions of your own as well. The concept is to have an engaging conversation on both sides of the table so you can evaluate whether the school is a good fit for your child and family.

When attending an open house or school visit, put your best self forward and enter with a positive outlook. Ask the right questions, interact in conversation and enter with an open mind. If you stick to the basics, then you will leave with a better understanding of the school’s mission and approach, and you will know immediately if it is an option for your child.

Redeemer Classical Academy is no different than other private schools in the fact that it revolves around the school, parents and child. So during a tour or school visit, it is an ideal time for both parties to learn about each other.

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