Summer tips for parents and private school students

Summer tips for parentsThe days are numbered for the school year and everyone knows that summer is near. While there is a limited amount of time away from the classroom, many students will break the rhythm of their daily routine. Below are a few items to consider for Redeemer Classical Academy students and parents this summer. 

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is key to a child’s performance whether they are in school or if school is out of session. In the summer, the time when you wake up may be adjusted and there is definitely more leisure time so it is a good plan to maintain a healthy diet along the way.


Like a healthy diet, sleep is important as well. Maintaining the same sleep cycle will help keep your child on track and it will make for a better return to school when the time arrives. 


A child must be active. With more idle time in the summer, there can be several distractions that take away from exercise. But on the other hand, there are several opportunities with warmer weather to enjoy recreational activities such as biking, hiking, running and other team sports.


Even though there is less time spent in the classroom during the summer, learning doesn’t have to stop. Encourage kids to read and spend time watching educational videos if they are spending time online. Help with options that create a habit to switch the content from something entertaining to content which is educational while they are online.