Summer months key to recharging and preparing for new school year


Summer break has arrived and teachers and students alike at Redeemer Classical Academy welcome it with open arms. Sure, we all love what we do each day but all agree a break is nice to have every once in awhile. As many families prepare for vacations, summer events, sports and other activities, we must remind ourselves the next few months are a hiatus, but we will return to the classroom before you know it. We’ve outlined a few items to consider to help keep the creative wheels rolling through the summer months.


Don’t let the creative side remain idle. Reading during the summer months helps stretch the brain and will increase the imagination. Whether it is a book, magazine or something of leisure activity, reading is important.


It’s easy to sleep later when school isn’t an issue. We all deserve our rest, but overdoing it can be a problem if it lingers too much. Maintaining a daily routine is a good attribute and it will make the days of returning to the classroom easier when they arrive.


Other than the benefit of staying in shape, exercise is vital and it should be a consistent part of a student’s routine. Many students will be playing sports this summer or engaging in other outdoor activities, so it is a good idea to make time for exercise as the health benefits are great in number.


Everyone loves this word, no matter the age. When you have the opportunity to explore new areas overseas or in the states, it will expand the horizon on how one thinks and feels. There are several regional places to visit in Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas so options are abound from state parks, cities and festivals.


Laugh, smile and enjoy time with those around you. The summer months are ideal to spend time with friends and family. Laughter and a smile go a long way and the end result is always happiness.

These tips should help students with summer break and keep them on the right path for their return to the classroom.