Reasons why we our thankful for our Murfreesboro private school

While every day is a day to give thanks, the focus is on the heart and the thought of giving this time of year.  From Thanksgiving until the new year, being thankful and giving is on the mind of many. At Redeemer Classical Academy, below are a few reasons why we our thankful for our Murfreesboro private school.

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – Ephesians 5:20


Our teachers make the difference. There are many great teachers among among Murfreesboro private schools, but our staff has an extreme dedication and focus on students and their learning experience while going the extra mile.


You could not have a school without students, and we are proud of our school and its growth. Our students are some of the brightest minds and it shows each day.


At the end of the day, students and teachers are a pivotal part of the learning experience, but parents help move it along. Their concern and devotion to each child helps inside and outside the classroom in modeling them for future years. We have several parents who are ambassadors for our school and always appreciate their efforts.


When you combine the educators, students and parents you have a family. Our RCA family goes beyond the call of duty each time and is the backbone of everything that happens. We understand this and are very thankful for our RCA family.

Christ-centered education

Most of all, we are thankful for the ability to teach all subjects based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists, and therefore all knowledge is interrelated and points back to Him. While acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, most graduates remain faithful to Christ even through college and have a heart to serve others.