Reasons to attend a private school open house

Redeemer Classical Academy offers private school open house experience with Coffee at The Academy

If you are at the open house stage of looking for private schools in Murfreesboro TN, then you have already done plenty of homework. Chances are you’ve narrowed down your selection to a handful of choices and are ready to make the next step in your child’s education.

But you may be on the fence as to whether you should attend an open house. If you are wondering if you should attend, then the answer is yes.

Open houses can be a great source of information for parents and newcomers wanting to learn more about private schools or Classical Christian education. The opportunity to learn about a school one-on-one with an educator, parent or an advocate is key. An open house is usually a laid back setting that reflects a comfortable vibe for parents to learn about all the school has to offer.

When attending an open house, make sure to bring all of your questions and be prepared. This is your chance to gain as much insight about the school as possible. After an open house, your expectations should match all of the information you already know and the recommendations you received from other parents or the school’s website.

After the open house, a member of the school’s staff may contact you about your experience of if you have additional questions it is approbate to contact the school as well.

Redeemer Classical Academy has the following dates scheduled for Coffee at The Academy this spring.

  • Saturday, March 4
  • Saturday, April 1
  • Saturday, May 6

On each date, Coffee at The Academy will begin at 9 a.m. If you are interested in attending or would like to receive additional information regarding the school, please feel free free to contact us.