Is Private School Worth the Drive?

There are several aspects of a Classical Christian education that may go unnoticed at times. While the method and its experiences have qualities that are advantageous in their own right, there are several intrinsic factors that RCA exhibits as well.

One of these advantages is the classroom size. With smaller classroom sizes, students have a greater ability to focus and comprehend the lessons at hand. In the same manner, teachers at RCA can give a tailored approach to learning for each student. These two elements go hand in hand and are pivotal pieces to the puzzle for private schools.

Another pro of RCA comes in the form of the relationships between students and parents. At first sight of the classrooms at RCA, there is a communal and family aspect that is not only exhibited from student to student but between the students and parents too. The RCA parent is one that is committed to the cause and will work with the student to achieve maximum success with their learning experience.

At RCA, everyone has a role in the education process and no one gets lost in the chaos of simply meeting a benchmark that is a standard for all. There is a solid approach that not only prepare students for the present but also for the future and their next steps in life.

If you are a parent scouting Rutherford County private schools, then we fully agree your child will find a home with RCA. Whether you are looking for a private school in Rutherford, Williamson or Davidson counties, we guarantee you that RCA is worth the drive for any parent and student.