Parents consider several items when selecting a private school

Parents consider many factors when selecting a private school

When choosing a private school for your kids, there are many items that are top of mind. But what actually matters the most? This question depends on how you view education, but if you are considering private school education or Classical Christian education, then you already view it as a high priority. With most parents, there are many criteria that are deemed as important, but there are also a few that remain constant among all. 

In a recent article from Private School Review, several items were ranked that many parents considered highly important when selecting a private school. Looking at a few items on the top 10 list, we’ve outlined a few high points that pertain to our school and are common questions among prospective parents.


Child’s well being

A child’s interaction with students and instructors is key to their overall well being in a school. With an an encouraging environment and a common goal for all, a student’s happiness is one of the most important aspects of consideration.


Instructors and teaching

A great teacher can work wonders with a child’s education but also with parents as well. Keeping parents in the loop on a child’s progress is key and many teachers go the extra mile when it revolve’s around a child’s learning experience. At Redeemer Classical Academy, passion, experience and vision go hand in hand with our staff.



How a child learns is one part of the puzzle, but another part is what they learn on the path to becoming a life long learner. Redeemer Classical Academy focuses on a Christ-centered curriculum and teaches all subjects.


School’s mark of excellence

Another matter that many parents may consider important when selecting a school is the school’s reputation. A top-notch school will have a nurturing community of parents and teachers alike. When this is evident, the school achieves a high standard in academics but also among the public’s perception. Success breeds success, and this saying is the same within a school as it is in business. 



Cost is always a concern among private school education, but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Today, there are many different payment options and also discounts for multiple children. When thinking about cost, always talks to an administrator about all of the options available.