Parents are vital part of private school experience


There is no doubt the educational development of a student occurs in the classroom, but how important is the education element when students return home? Well, it is very important to say the least.

One of the hallmarks at Redeemer Classical Academy is the union between students, teachers and parents. If we can apply our Classical-Christian school method in the classroom, the education process shouldn’t stop at home. Engagement from everyone is beneficial to a child’s growth, development and learning process.

If you’re a parent looking to get involved at a new level, here are a few tips.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

If there is an opportunity to meet with teachers, don’t skip them. Teachers welcome support and knowledge from parents. In turn, these meetings also let parents know that teachers care about the success of the student and their well being.

After School Activities

Just because the final school bell rings, doesn’t mean a student’s day is over. If students are involved in after school activities, parents need to be engaged as well. Whether a parent is a fan, coach or an observer of an art project, this will strengthen the communication between a parent and child.

Team Method

As a parent, show a child that you are on their side. In many cases, a student can feel like they are on their own, but a parent can intercede and share insight that will help strengthen their mind and emotional state. Help find solutions to any problems that may occur with classwork or outside of class as well.

Open Houses

Within the Redeemer Classical Academy family, we have several occasions each year where our doors are open to prospective students and parents. This past year, we hosted two informal sessions called “Coffee at the Academy” where attendees had the chance to meet the faculty and explore RCA. If the school opens its doors, then attend an event when you have the chance.

In the end, parents and teachers have the same goal as they want the best for their student. Redeemer Classical Academy is not only a Murfreesboro private school, but it is a Murfreesboro Christian school as well that aims for an experience that goes well beyond the standard classroom.