The Murfreesboro private school visit, questions to ask

The time has arrived and you have made the decision to send your child to a Murfreesboro private school – so what is the next step? A school visit would be in line where you can experience the school first hand. At Redeemer Classical Academy, we have several opportunities each year for open houses and our doors are always open to those who want to schedule an appointment. If you attend an open house or visit the school, below are a few questions that may arise.

  • How is the classroom experience? Are students excited and well-mannered?
  • Examine the teaching staff. Do educators appear upbeat and knowledgeable? Do they keep students engaged and on task?
  • Does the school administrator appear confident and interact with students, teachers and parents alike?
  • View the school’s curriculum, mission and overall standards.
  • How can the school prepare a student for college and life after the classroom?
  • Why was the private school created?

By now, you have put in many hours of research and more hours simply thinking about the process and education for your kid. No student really likes homework so it’s safe to say that no adult does as well. But when it comes to education, it’s better to go the extra mile.