Murfreesboro private school education is good for all

Most headlines in education these days revolve around subjects such as common core, diversity, technology and many other facets of the classroom experience. While most of these topics arise in the public school system, the news for private schools can differ. In many cases, the headlines are centered around choosing the right school and how they rank among others.

Within Murfreesboro, there are a plethora of private schools, so choosing the right one can be difficult. It can be a daunting task to compare and contrast public schools versus private schools for a few reasons.

In most cases, private schools do not participate in surveys or rankings. In the same regard, private schools do not receive public funding, so they do not face the same regulations as public schools.

When comparing Murfreesboro private schools, it is of importance that Redeemer Classical Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, is certified by the Tennessee Association of Non-public Academic Schools (TANAS),  and boasts a roster of well-credentialed faculty, many with advanced degrees.

While searching, it’s better to ask more detailed questions regarding what you really want for your child when selecting a Murfreesboro private school. Is it education? Is it high school and college acceptance? Or is it a classical-Christian education that is more specific? Once you know this, the answer will present itself quickly.

The private school model is good for all involved – parents, students and teachers. At the same time, the classical Christian education model helps produce well-rounded graduates as classical Christian schools provide the best possible education to help every child reach their God-given potential.