How does Classical-Christian education relate to the real world?

Classical-Christian education offers many benefits and real world applications

Benefits of Classical-Christian EducationThe Classical-Christian education model has many advantages among the private school realm. While many parents may understand the advantages, many may ask how these pros of Classical-Christian education will benefit a student in a real world setting.

To start, age specific learning creates a foundation for learning where students begin to question their environment and search for the truth in all things. When this is combined with time-tested method and content, an articulate student is produced who understands critical thinking and its importance.

Classical-Christian students learn to use logic within arguments and decision making while they also grasp a deep appreciation for literature, art and music as well.

Within this model, the Christ-centered curriculum is also a major cornerstone. According to the Association of Classical  & Christian Schools, Classical Christian schools teach all subjects based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists, and all knowledge is connected. A Biblical standard of conduct is applicable in all arenas of school life, and students recognize Jesus Christ. With this being said, students can more deeply understand their faith and apply it to more than just moral things, but all that surrounds them.

The Classical-Christian school model also has a deep concentration on academics and the community of parents, student and teacher. When all of these attributes come together, the student can lead in a way that is unparalleled.