Giving a voice to all matters within Murfreesboro private schools

education-548105_640Giving everyone a voice matters and especially in education. Learning is not always a one way street between teacher and student as sometimes students can learn from other students in an engaging manner.

At Redeemer Classical Academy, we aim to be much more than just another Murfreesboro private school, we strive to be an interconnected community.

A recent article from Edutopia explored a few different schools of thought on how to learn from students.

On the side of the educator, the article states that making space for a student’s insights and valuing their thought are key to the learning process.

The article mentions a few methods such as reflecting on assignments and goal setting as popular methods to help students share their voice. On the same note, it suggests connections are fostered when student’s have the ability to express their work.

All branches of our community, parents, board members, faculty and students work together at Redeemer Classical Academy. The mentoring or discipling relationship encourages growth in each person and will help all to express their true voice.