Education is a day-to-day experience

Education is built upon day-to-day experiences and encounters. Each day, we all reflect back and think about our accomplishments. As educators, it is always great to know what moves and motivates students to learn. When students strive in the classroom, educators are the first to see their work and also see their accomplishment.  

We all know that you have to lay the building blocks for education and that a child’s development is a process. From the first phase to the final phase, a student’s learning is dependent on each phase within the classical education model. Persistence and incremental steps which are put in place help along the way and will produce a great learning experience over the years.

Any best-selling development book will tell you that it is the daily application of good habits that will yield successful results. And the same thought process can be applied to teaching. When students succeed, teachers take great pride in their success and understand that it was accomplished by several tiny steps each day that helped them arrive with their given result. When a students wins, a teacher wins as well. 

This recent article from Edutopia examines a few success stories from teachers and their small victories. Below are a few responses from educators who shared their day-to-day victories. 





For teachers, parents and students, all must work together and look for the daily victories and put in place habits that foster learning. In the end, small strides in education will produce big results that can last for a child’s lifetime.