Early stages of education aim to be cornerstone for success

It goes without saying that many lessons are learned in the early stages of life. Although there are several factors that contribute to an individual’s overall success, a Classical, Christian education is one element that can be a cornerstone for future accomplishment.

Corresponding with the classic Bible reference of building on the rock versus building on the sand, the solid foundation is vital in various ways.

In the same manner as this metaphor, Redeemer Classical Academy exemplifies this idea through its focus on a teaching method that distinguishes Redeemer Classical Academy from other private schools in the Murfreesboro area – the trivium. Redeemer uses its symbol, the mighty oak, as a way to explain the three stages of the trivium.”

In the first stage of learning, the roots run deep across the grammar stage and provide solid ground for students to soak in knowledge.

At this point, memorization through recitation of chants, rhymes and songs are key pieces to the puzzle. Other aspects range from Latin to US state & capitals to layers of the earth, grammar, math facts and scripture.  This fills the students’ minds with data that can be recalled, at least in broad strokes, and analyzed as they progress through the logic stage.

Within the second stage, the roots and background of a student are strengthened. The trunk of the tree represents the logic stage of instruction.

At Redeemer Classical Academy, the relationship between students and teachers is fostered as they capitalize on a students’ desire to comprehend relationships and reasons by emphasizing connections among facts and data and ordering knowledge into sound and rational conclusions.

Like the trunk of the tree, the thinking skills established during this stage provide stability for future growth, allowing students to understand a connection in the light of God’s word and His truth.

The final stage of the trivium method is the rhetoric stage. In the Redeemer Classical Academy logo, the foliage of the tree represents this stage as one where the full flowering of a student’s learning takes place. It is here where they exemplify the expression of his or her own unique conclusions and perspectives on what has been studied and present information with confidence, grace, and humility.

Combining a Christian worldview with the trivium method of classical education, Redeemer Classical Academy offers parents and students an option in Murfreesboro private schools like no other.

When choosing a Murfreesboro private school, remember these two elements can go the distance in preparing a child for what life will posses for them in the future.