Classroom experience, the hallmark of a Murfreesboro private school

If you are a parent searching for a Murfreesboro private school, it is safe to bet that you have a good idea in your head and a checklist of what you would like to experience within a Murfreesboro private school.

In fact, the classroom experience is one of the many criteria parents examine and desire to be a deciding factor when choosing a private school. At Redeemer Classical Academy, we’ve outlined a few traits that we believe our school offers and makes it unique among Murfreesboro private schools.


A sound, intellectual classroom where students are engaged is key among Murfreesboro private schools.

Creating a culture

Whether it be a business culture or school culture, a defined set of beliefs is ideal for advancement in most scenarios. When students are engaged, there is usually a path that follows that leads to successful results. Students are capable of achieving much more than many expect, and classical Christian schools have high expectations for student learning.

Stepping stones

There is a thought that if you want to improve in business or life that making a memorable task each day will lead to great results and success within the big picture. Often times, many want to see the big picture first but it takes the stepping stones to get to this point. At Redeemer Classical Academy, our classical education model prepares students for future years with each stage building upon the previous one. In turn, students are well-rounded in many areas.

Sound, intellectual classroom

Classical Christian schools teach all subjects based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists, and all knowledge is interrelated and points back to Him. Biblical standards of conduct are applied in all arenas of school life, and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Teachers who challenge students and create an opportunity for students to excel are common attributes of the RCA staff.