Classical Christian schools and their advantages

Selecting a private school can be a challenge, especially in Murfreesboro where there are plenty of choices. Sports, facilities, clubs and other elements are all decision makers when it comes to the process. But most of all, the most important element is education. After all, it should be what embodies Murfreesboro private schools and defines them.

So what are some of the differences and similarities between a Murfreesboro private school and a Murfreesboro classical Christian school such as Redeemer Classical Academy?

While most are similar in the fact that they are private, require tuition and are governed by a different set of guideline than public schools, many of the differences are found within the administration and of course the stages of learning.

Redeemer’s board and staff are guided by decision making and their actions in a spirit of prayerful deliberation and as part of the Body of Christ by the following

  • Pursuing God’s truth and wisdom in all things
  • Acting with integrity and transparency
  • Working diligently as a learning-focused classically integrated community
  • Striving towards excellence with humility and charity
  • Acting as agents of Christ’s redemption in all facets of our world
  • Exercising stewardship of our time, talents and treasure in all matters internally and externally, within the Fellowship of Grace.

Regarding the learning environment, Redeemer Classical Academy employs traditional Classical methods and a curriculum that focuses on grammar, logic and rhetoric with a Christ-centered approach. This offers students a rigorous academic course of study and Christian discipleship in a community context for the glory of God.

In most cases, students enrolled in classical Christian schools throughout the nation consistently outperform the national average on the ACT and SAT. In turn, this allows classical Christian students to gain acceptance into most colleges or universities of their choice and, at the same time, it puts them in a spot for potential scholarships.

All in all, there are great advantages when it comes to a classical Christian school such as Redeemer Classical Academy.