The Basics of a Classical Christian Education

Education, within all regards, is a vital part of a community. Schools, along with a few other factors, have helped contribute to the vibrancy of the area within the last few years. Fortunately, Rutherford County has a myriad of top-notch schools, but for those looking to break the mainstream, private schools are a route that many choose.

Redeemer Classical Academy uses a Classical Christian Education model that differentiates itself from other schools in the area as it uses various methods of teaching based on its core values.

If you are looking for a Classical Christian school, here are a few basic characteristics and how they are enacted at Redeemer Classical Academy.

  • Targeted Learning Experience – Students grow at every level and Redeemer Classical Academy understands this as they work diligently as a learning-focused classically integrated community. A Classical Christian school examines the child’s strengths at each stage to lay groundwork for future experiences.
  • Practical, Time-tested Methods – With a Classical Christian school, skills are developed which prepare students for a lifelong learning experience. By the end of a student’s time at Redeemer Classical Academy, they will be equipped with skills in reading, writing, logic, rhetoric, fine arts and many other areas.
  • Christ-centered Education – Classical Christian schools pursue God’s strength in all things. Teachings are based on the fact that God exists and is the Creator and the relationship between God and knowledge are intertwined.
  • Precise Academics – Redeemer Classical Academy sets the bar high for their students. A student’s capacity for learning is higher than many may think, and there is a heartfelt display of education as students take the task at hand and desire to master it.
  • Encouraging Community – At Redeemer Classical Academy, the relationship between the teacher, parent and student is one that is symbiotic in nature. With smaller class sizes, the education process is more individualized rather than blasted to the masses. In the same regard, this experience is often communicated at the parent and teacher level as there is deep sentiment granted to each party.