Celebrate educators on National Teacher Day

One day of the year may not be adequate to celebrate the worth of teachers, but on May 5 many will celebrate teachers and their impact for National Teacher Day.

At Redeemer Classical Academy, our educators are not only a slice of the finest that Murfreesboro private schools have to offer, but they stand out within Rutherford County as well. Our teachers specialize in different areas and are the backbone of Redeemer Classical Academy and embody what it represents.

If you are a student or parent, below are a few tips on how to get involved.

  • Go to social media and use the hashtag #ThankATeacher. Name a teacher, tag them and add a few reasons on why you respect what they do.
  • Create a video and share it online with friends and tell them why you admire a teacher at your school
  • Make a “thank you” card for a teacher at your school. Handmade and heartfelt items are sometimes the best.
  • Give a gift card to a teacher. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but find something they enjoy, whether it be their favorite coffee drink or their favorite book store.
  • Flowers are a great way to celebrate as well.
  • For parents, think about those educators who motivated you as you were in your early years. Chances are there was one teacher who inspired you down the line. For students, teaching can be a challenging task each day. Reach out to the educators who are in your life each day.

Redeemer Classical Academy takes pride in the fact that it is a Murfreesboro private school with teachers who genuinely care about learning and take the proper steps to ensure a child is going down the right path in education and life.

If you are a student at a Murfreesboro private school or a public school, join many and share what a teacher means to you on May 5, 2015.