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Back to school tips for parents

by admin | July 15th, 2015

It may be difficult to imagine, but the words “back to school” may come to the forefront soon as July nears a midpoint. While students still have the days of summer on their mind, the reality may be top of mind for parents. To help ease the process, we’ve outlined a few items to consider […]

Online educational videos provide learning choices for summer months

by admin | June 30th, 2015

Summer can be a great time to take a break and refresh in many ways. But that doesn’t mean that learning has to always take a back seat. Even if it is just for a few minutes, quick videos on YouTube or reading an online article can be beneficial in many ways. TED is always […]

A unique home among Murfreesboro private schools

by admin | June 10th, 2015

The past school year was an exciting one for Redeemer Classical Academy as we had three students graduate in May. As summer gives way to a short break, we reflect back upon the past year. Ultimately, our school has several goals and we aim to prepare students for life beyond the classroom in all areas. […]

Summer months key to recharging and preparing for new school year

by admin | May 26th, 2015

Summer break has arrived and teachers and students alike at Redeemer Classical Academy welcome it with open arms. Sure, we all love what we do each day but all agree a break is nice to have every once in awhile. As many families prepare for vacations, summer events, sports and other activities, we must remind […]

Murfreesboro private school students recognized in statewide competition

by admin | May 5th, 2015

Students from Murfreesboro private school, Redeemer Classical Academy, recently participated within the state level at the Tennessee Junior Classical League State Convention in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Taking place April 17-18 at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, Ellen Francis was a first place winner in the art/textiles category and also reading comprehension. In addition, Reece Brandon placed second […]

Celebrate educators on National Teacher Day

by admin | April 21st, 2015

One day of the year may not be adequate to celebrate the worth of teachers, but on May 5 many will celebrate teachers and their impact for National Teacher Day. At Redeemer Classical Academy, our educators are not only a slice of the finest that Murfreesboro private schools have to offer, but they stand out […]

Giving a voice to all matters within Murfreesboro private schools

by admin | April 16th, 2015

Giving everyone a voice matters and especially in education. Learning is not always a one way street between teacher and student as sometimes students can learn from other students in an engaging manner. At Redeemer Classical Academy, we aim to be much more than just another Murfreesboro private school, we strive to be an interconnected […]

Redeemer Classical Academy to host second Coffee at the Academy

by admin | March 23rd, 2015

Redeemer Classical Academy has scheduled its second Coffee at the Academy for Saturday, April 25 at 9 a.m. on the campus of the school. The Murfreesboro private school hosted its first event last month for prospective students and parents, and this event will be similar in format. “We had a great turnout with our first […]

Sense of community vital in Murfreesboro private school education

by admin | March 5th, 2015

In a recent article from The New York Times titled “Make School a Democracy,” the main emphasis revolves around a Columbian school and its education model, Escuela Nueva, or New School model. The Escuela Nueva method focuses on four components – the curriculum and classroom, community, training, and management. With this model, the school functions […]

Five Items to consider when choosing a private school

by admin | February 27th, 2015

Choices are abound when it comes to choosing a Murfreesboro private school. Of course, parents should always want to make the right choice when it involves their child’s education, and it is common a fact they want to send them to the best possible school. In most cases, parents know the reasons they want to […]