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Reasons to switch to a new school

by admin | January 16th, 2018

  Are you a parent thinking about reasons to switch to a new school? It’s mid year for most schools and the second half of the year is getting into full swing. For parents, this can signal many things on the education front. As the new year brings resolutions to many that revolve around financial, […]

Parents consider several items when selecting a private school

by admin | September 19th, 2017

Parents consider many factors when selecting a private school When choosing a private school for your kids, there are many items that are top of mind. But what actually matters the most? This question depends on how you view education, but if you are considering private school education or Classical Christian education, then you already […]

Summer is a great time to research Murfreesboro private schools

by admin | June 10th, 2016

While there are many activities on the calendar, summer is a great time to start researching area Murfreesboro private schools. As the warm weather arrives, many students, faculty and parents are enjoying the time away from the classroom and may be making plans for trips and other summer events. With the season, the classroom and education experience […]

Education is a day-to-day experience

by admin | May 10th, 2016

Education is built upon day-to-day experiences and encounters. Each day, we all reflect back and think about our accomplishments. As educators, it is always great to know what moves and motivates students to learn. When students strive in the classroom, educators are the first to see their work and also see their accomplishment.   We all know […]

Summer tips for parents and private school students

by admin | April 27th, 2016

The days are numbered for the school year and everyone knows that summer is near. While there is a limited amount of time away from the classroom, many students will break the rhythm of their daily routine. Below are a few items to consider for Redeemer Classical Academy students and parents this summer.  Healthy diet […]

Understanding your role as a private school parent

by admin | March 31st, 2016

Like many Murfreesboro private schools, Redeemer Classical Academy has a culture that is fixed around the parent, student and educator. If you’re new to the private school atmosphere, then as a private school parent you can sometimes wonder about your place within the education process and system. As a parent, one of the main jobs […]

Reasons to choose a Murfreesboro private school

by admin | March 8th, 2016

Murfreesboro private school or Murfreesboro public school – which is the best option? There are several reasons and factors that support both, but when looking at Murfreesboro private school options, it is important to understand the idea to consider a private school can happen at anytime during their education. Whether kindergarten or middle school years, […]

Murfreesboro Christian schools trace origin to early days

by admin | February 19th, 2016

When thinking about Murfreesboro Christian schools, the roots of many of the schools can be linked back to years ago. Private schools and public schools have existed for hundreds of years and what many people don’t know is that private schools were actually established before public schools. During the colonial period, private schools taught children […]

Why should you choose a private school?

by admin | January 28th, 2016

The question of public over private school is always a tough one. The financial cost, schedule and school atmosphere are all factors that help mold a decision. Finding the right school is key and most times the pros of a private school outweigh the cons. When it comes down to making the decision of a […]

Checklist for Murfreesboro private school options

by admin | December 21st, 2015

As 2015 arrives at a close, there is always a time of reflection and a glance back on the previous year. With Christmas break now in session, a midpoint has been defined for the school year and many eyes will be on the new year. With that in mind, there may be several Murfreesboro parents […]