Parents share benefits of choosing Murfreesboro private school route

by admin | November 2nd, 2016

Life at Redeemer Classical Academy can signify different meanings for all parents and students. Recently, RCA parents Kristen & Željko Mekić shared a few reasons why they chose the Murfreesboro private school for their daughter Savannah.

First, tell us a little about your child who is enrolled at RCA.

Our daughter, Savannah is in 8th grade and has received a Classical Christian education since Kindergarten.  She is fond of the arts, especially drawing, creating puns (to the groans of many of her friends and schoolmates.)  She is an avid reader, laughs a lot, plays soccer and is a Level 8 soccer referee.

What factors made you consider a Murfreesboro private school over public schools? 

Our story is a bit different as we live in Nashville.  Before I was married, I hosted several exchange students and they shared their stories from the classroom, which was not encouraging as the grades came easy at the local public school.  The students watched a lot of movies in class, there were fights, and a culture that put too much emphasis on sports, the right clothes and not enough on learning or being challenged to think beyond planning the weekend festivities.

So when the time came to look for schools for our daughter, we explored various private school options.  Eventually, I took Savannah to an open house at a Classical Christian school located in Nashville and was impressed by the curriculum, warmth of the teachers, encouragement from the older students and other families. 

As is often the case with new schools, it moved to Franklin which was too long a drive with Nashville traffic, and as she was thriving in the smaller setting, enjoying the memorization of poems and facts experienced during the grammar stage, which helped develop her into a confident learner – we looked for another Classical Christian school that was more accessible. Eventually, we found what we wanted in Redeemer.   We drive two-hours a day past several public and private schools and do not regret a minute of it!

Imagine, picking up your child from school, asking how her day was and every day she responds with a variation of: “Today, was so much fun, we learned about______or read _______.”

How would you rate the community aspect of RCA (parent, student, teacher relationships)? 

Aside from the obvious benefits of the education, one of the greatest aspects of RCA is our community.  The small class sizes allow for intimate long-term relationships built on trust and love.  It also allows for spontaneous field trips and activities that foster fellowship.  Our daughter views her friends as an extension of her family as they truly know and care about one another.  Naturally, there is a plenty of good-natured teasing that comes with the age, but it is amazing to see the students encourage one another in every area of their lives.  As the students have most of the same teachers for several years there is a high level of trust and comfort, which allows for the teachers to understand the students and how to communicate, support and love them!   

As parents we take great comfort in knowing the teachers want the best for our child.    You are not a carpool number at RCA; they know your name and honestly care about your family.  We have a wonderful community where the families are able to socialize together and build relationships.

Do you feel the educational experience at RCA equips children for future endeavors? 

One of the many benefits of a Classical Christian education is it equips students to become lifetime learners.  After twelve years of studying & practicing acquiring and applying knowledge for papers and class discussion, there are few topics a graduate cannot master because they have the necessary skillset. 

It is important to note that these skills do not merely apply to academic knowledge, but all areas that require learning: gather the information, process it, make sense of it and create!  Equally important, students will know why they believe what they do and can articulate their thoughts with clarity and persuasion to others.  Communicating in a winsome manner is useful in every facet of life.

In your opinion, what is one of the best characteristics of RCA?

One of the best characteristics of Redeemer is the Christian fellowship.  We often talk of our Redeemer family.  In a world where it is often difficult to have meaningful relationships, we see them growing at RCA where the students are prayed over by their teachers and pray for one another. In the midst of the academics, there is laughter and shared joy.  Every day we witness our teachers working to make Redeemer a better school, do what is best for the students, the teachers sacrifice a lot to teach at a private school, often bonuses are hugs from the students – especially the alumni that show up for lunch and chapel during their breaks, or surprise everyone by helping with field day.  There is so much love at RCA, which is as it should be!