Bad people only send their kids to private schools

Last year, Slate published an article entitled “If you Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person.”

While the article does have solid points, it does not paint private schools in the brightest light. Deeming a person “bad” because they send their kid to a private school is on the extreme side of the table for sure.

An agreeable statement to many, if more people invested in public schools they would get better as the article expresses. But there are more underlying thoughts to their argument.

One, who is to say all public or private schools are bad?

In Rutherford County, there are several great public schools and private schools alike. At Redeemer Classical Academy, we pride ourselves in offering an education that is unique from that of your everyday public school and one that differs from many private schools in the area. So who is to say that education in any form is a bad thing?

Another viewpoint the article suggests is to get parents on board with the development of public schools. Getting parents on board is key to any educational system, whether it is public or private.

The involvement of a parent is vital to a child’s early stages of learning and overall success. Redeemer Classical Academy offers an experience that keeps the parent, student and teacher in tune all times.

Private schools aren’t trying to express they are better than the rest, they are simply trying to provide a central and solid cornerstone for a child’s success and development through their formative years.

This may come in the form of many different ways, but Redeemer Classical Academy attempts to lay the groundwork with the basics of a classical education mixed with Christian principles and thought. With this foundation, students are prepared for experiences through every stage.

Within the article, it failed to mention the fact that students, parents and teacher all have to work together to achieve a better product on all levels. If either of these pieces of the puzzle is missing, then public schools and private schools will both suffer in the long run.

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