Back to school tips for students

“Where did the summer go?’

This question may be in the minds of parents and students alike this time of year. With “back to school” at the forefront for many, we’ve outlined a few tips for students to transition back into the school year.

It’s a long haul from start to finish to say the least. With a schedule that begins in August and ends in May, the Murfreesboro private school calendar year can be demanding for all parties involved. So, the best way is to ease into the process. Meals, bed times and the daily routines should transition to correspond with the school schedule.

Health and safety are always concerns for students. In that manner, health checkups along with dental visits are a good way to get help get back into the routine also.

Stay active and get involved. Whether it be sports or other outside activities, this will help with physical and emotional health. In most cases, 60 minutes per day of exercise is recommended for children of all ages.

As it is the same scenario with parents, the idea of getting involved is the same for students. Many know Redeemer Classical Academy is a more than just a Murfreesboro private school as it has a communal appeal where parents, teachers and kids all interact together.

In the end, students and parents should set benchmarks and standards and understand the school year is a long one, but it will go by quickly. Take it day by day but keep your eye on the end goal and the overall education component that will yield a well-rounded individual for future years.