Mission Statement

Redeemer Classical Academy’s mission is to mentor young people toward virtue as learners, leaders, and agents of redemption for God’s glory.

RCA Profile of a Graduate

Redeemer strives to develop students who…

  • Have a love for and commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • Have a love for and commitment to the local church.
  • View life as filled with opportunities to grow in virtue.
  • Love learning such that they are life-long learners.
  • Write and speak with wisdom and eloquence.
  • Possess a strong understanding of and appreciation for Western civilization and culture.
  • Possess a strong understanding of and appreciation for the sciences and mathematics and see them as integrated with the Humanities.
  • Think clearly, coherently, and Christianly, striving to see all things in an integrated fashion with Christ at the center.
  • Serve others with compassion, seeking peace and justice in God’s world.
  • Pursue excellence with humility.

Core Values

Redeemer’s Board and staff will be guided by the following Core Values for their decision making and their actions in a spirit of prayerful deliberation and as part of the Body of Christ by:

  • Pursuing God’s truth and wisdom in all things
  • Acting with integrity and transparency
  • Working diligently as a learning-focused classically integrated community.
  • Striving towards excellence with humility and charity
  • Acting as agents of Christ’s redemption in all facets of our world
  • Exercising stewardship of our time, talents and treasure in all matters internally and externally within the Fellowship of Grace.