Mission Statement

Redeemer Classical Academy’s mission is to mentor young people toward virtue as learners, leaders, and agents of redemption for God’s glory.

Core Values

Redeemer’s Board and staff will be guided by the following Core Values for their decision making and their actions in a spirit of prayerful deliberation and as part of the Body of Christ by:

  • Pursuing God’s truth and wisdom in all things
  • Acting with integrity and transparency
  • Working diligently as a learning-focused classically integrated community.
  • Striving towards excellence with humility and charity
  • Acting as agents of Christ’s redemption in all facets of our world
  • Exercising stewardship of our time, talents and treasure in all matters internally and externally within the Fellowship of Grace.


Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language defines virtue as “moral goodness; the practice of moral duties and the abstaining from vice, or a conformity of life and conversation to the moral law,” “a particular moral excellence,” and “excellence; or that which constitutes value and merit.”1 Roman politician, orator and philosopher Cicero said of virtue, it “is a habit of mind, consistent with nature, and moderation, and reason.”2 that church fathers looked to the classical virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance as the root From which the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love would flower. At Redeemer Classical Academy, the cornerstone of our vision is that every stakeholder and student will aspire to virtue, will strive to attain it and will exhort others to it.

As a learning environment, Redeemer Classical Academy will employ traditional Classical methods and curricula with a Christ-centered approach, offering our students a rigorous academic course of study and Christian discipleship in a community context for the glory of God. We believe that we have much to learn from history. Therefore, our curriculum will be rooted in developing in students an understanding of the broad sweep of history that has shaped our culture by integrating the curriculum across disciplines for specific time periods. We believe that good books are like nutritious food. As a body needs a well-balanced diet, so a mind needs rich and satisfying material to help it grow mentally and spiritually. Because of this, our students will read the classics. We believe in the power of the written and spoken word. Therefore, our students will be asked to write, write often and write well and will be trained to speak with poise and purpose. We believe that all creation testifies to the glory of God, who brought order out of chaos and spoke all things into being through Jesus, the logos. Because of this, we will engage in lively and diligent study of mathematics and the sciences to learn all that we can about our Creator through His general revelation. Finally, We believe that in God we find the source of all knowledge. Thus, our students will study orthodox Christian doctrine in order to return all glory to our Maker.

As a place aimed at training the future leaders of our nation, our world, Redeemer Classical Academy seeks to instill in students a desire for the seven virtues that frame our school’s core values: temperance, fortitude, justice, prudence, faith, hope, and love. Traditionally, temperance practices of self-control and moderation; fortitude or courage endures, confronting fear, uncertainty and intimidation; justice desires to give each person his right; and prudence recognizes the appropriate action at any given time. Uniting these classical virtues with faith in Almighty God and the Truth of His Word and in Jesus Christ, our means of grace and hope of glory, Augustine explained them in terms of love: “temperance is love keeping itself entire and incorrupt for God; fortitude is love bearing everything readily for the sake of God; justice is love serving God only, and therefore ruling well all else, as subject to man; prudence is love making a right distinction between what helps it towards God and what might hinder it.”3 Leaders who display these virtues in the way they love their Lord and their fellow men will truly change the world. Redeemer Classical Academy will train students to be leaders such as this, men and women who will reclaim our culture for God’s glory as they work with excellence and virtue in every vocational from art to astronomy, engineering to politics, medicine to home- making.

Yet, we know that our Lord has called us to do more than reclaim a nation or a culture: He has called us to bring His redemption to all of the world. The community of Redeemer Classical Academy longs to do just that — to reach out as agents of Christ’s redemption in our local community, our state, our country, and, ultimately, across the whole earth. To that end, we will engage in regular service activities that minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those around us. Within our classrooms, we will equip students with the knowledge and the reasoning and speaking skills to offer a clear, compassionate, yet uncompromising apologetic for faith in Jesus Christ as the sole means of salvation. In this way, Redeemer Classical Academy will produce strong men and women of Christ who will storm the very gates of Hell, unstoppable in their resolve to infiltrate today’s society in ways society will not be expecting and to make known the name of God everywhere they go.

The primary means by which we will live out this vision is through mentoring among all branches of our community – parents, board members, faculty, and students. The mentoring or discipling relationship will encourage growth in each person and will help to ensure that this vision remains a vibrant part of who we are, how we live, and what we do in future generations. Like the tree that forms our logo, we will be a community that is constantly propagating, flowering and bearing fruit. Our prayer is that this mentoring will also provide accountability, so that excellence is never tainted with arrogance, nor knowledge with self- sufficiency. Each member of the community at Redeemer Classical Academy will have a right understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others. Thus, we will live and learn with humility and charity, edifying each other even as we seek to improve ourselves.